Letter from the President


Welcome Members!

 Thank you for joining the Snow Hill Area Chamber of Commerce for another exciting year!  One proud accomplishment of 2018 was the investment of a new website.  We hope you have taken the time to view it; please provide us with feedback.  We plan to enhance the use of our website as we move into 2019. 

 As President, my mission is to help build our community.  First, I’d like to share my ties to the Snow Hill community and why it’s important to me.  I attended Nursery School in the basement of All Hallows Episcopal Church, continued my education in Snow Hill Elementary and Middle schools, graduating in 1996 from Snow Hill High School.  My parents owned and operated Sno-Mar Gifts for 20+ years, located on Green Street, where the Business Center is today.  I was raised in that store, so to speak, from the age of 5.  I spent many hours doing chores in the store, from dusting and cleaning windows, to restocking inventory, running the register and wrapping gifts; you name it I helped.   I also spent a lot of time visiting with the many store owners around town.  At the time, Downtown Snow Hill was thriving.  The town had just about everything you needed; there were very few vacant store-fronts.  Downtown was home to businesses like an auto parts store, pharmacy, clothing & shoe store, gift store, hardware store, restaurants and even a car dealership.  Did you know “The Country House” in Salisbury got its start on Green Street in Snow Hill? My heart is tied to a downtown business community that literally raised me to be the person I am today. 

 Now, as I stand on the sidewalks of Snow Hill, I see many empty store-fronts.  Empty store-fronts means less foot traffic to your business!  Less foot traffic means less food on your table!  Empty store-fronts also means the residents of our community are going to other towns to spend their hard earned dollars.  As a Chamber of Commerce, it is up to us as a team to entice residents of our community to come to our businesses.  Without the participation of the Membership, the Chamber will not prosper.  Remember that a band director can lead a band, but the band has to be there to make the music; if you are interested in being part of that band making the music, let us know. 

The Board is compiled of volunteers who are here to help lead and guide you, as a Chamber, to make our community a better place to live, work and play.  At this time, we have one part-time contractual position being the Executive Director.  Without our Executive Director, many behind the scenes tasks wouldn’t get completed.  This person, however, isn’t able to perform every task the Chamber requires.  How can you help?  Get involved in committees such as Independence Day, Scholarship or Marketing.  Host a Business After Hours or Lunch N Learn sessionCome to a Membership Meeting to mingle with other business men and women.  Did you know on average less than 15% of the Membership is in attendance at Membership Meetings?  This is a great time to come together, mingle, share ideas and get to know your business community better.

 As we continue into 2019, I am hoping that together we can bring excitement back to Snow Hill and build our community, making it as strong as it once was.


Jamie N Hill

Snow Hill Area Chamber of Commerce